Building Expo a must-go for first-time homeowners – E-Networks CEO

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Building Expo a must-go for first-time homeowners – E-Networks CEO

-company to expand coverage to all new housing schemes

The International Building Expo, which is currently ongoing at the National Stadium, Providence, is an event not to be missed, especially for first-time homeowners.

This is according to E-Networks’ Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Vishok Persaud, who, in an invited comment to the News Room, lauded the event as a resounding success for connecting persons in the construction and related sectors in Guyana.

E-Networks is the official internet and technology partner for the Building Expo and is exhibiting its internet and TV products and services during the three-day event.

(Photo: E-Networks/July 23, 2022)

Mr Persaud also indicated that a commonly recurring inquiry during the Expo was whether internet connectivity was available in the new housing developments in which persons were recently allocated house lots.

To this, he expressed E-Networks’ continued commitment to connecting new areas to the company’s internet services, which are the fastest in Guyana.

Since the liberalisation of the telecommunications sector in October 2020, E-Networks has connected many new rural and urban areas, including LindenKuru Kururu, and built the first-ever fiber optic cable to the Essequibo Coast.

A family is pictured at the E-Networks booth at International Building Expo 2022 (Photo: E-Networks/July 23, 2022)

“We know, in the past, people went into new housing areas and lived without connectivity for years. E-Networks changed that since being fully licensed after telecoms liberalisation. We have created the country’s largest fiber optic backbone and connect new areas weekly, bringing much-needed services.”

Outside of telecommunications, Mr Persaud shared his observation that many of the Expo’s visitors were persons embarking on the journey of homeownership. And, for these persons, he felt that the Expo was a “one-stop shop” for everything needed to build a house from the ground up.

(Photo: E-Networks/July 23, 2022)

This is evidenced by the hundreds of exhibitors showcasing the latest in Guyana and the region’s construction and related industries, including financial and insurance companies, construction, roofing, windows, flooring, interior design and finishes, appliances, furnishing, and landscaping.

The Building Expo in Guyana is the only of its kind in the region.

Mr Persaud opined that the presence of so many different vendors in a single venue creates a unique opportunity for persons to explore and compare the many options available in an easy, convenient, and cost-effective way.

“To the thousands of people who recently received house lots, you need to be here; the banks are here all in one row. You won’t get an opportunity like this easily. The Ministry of Housing has done a phenomenal job in ensuring you can get all your answers this weekend. Speak to all the commercial banks and see who is your best fit. Think of the time and cost you would have to spend to go to all the banks during a working week to do a comparative analysis. They are here, and you can do this in one day.”

Persons can access free Wi-Fi provided by E-Networks at the Building Expo (Photo: E-Networks/July 23, 2022)

E-Networks has also partnered with all the commercial banks at the Expo with a promotion that gets you free installation and three months of free internet with all new mortgages.

“There is no better time to build a home,” Mr Persaud said.

He said this, particularly in the context of President Irfaan Ali’s recent announcement that mortgage interest rates have been reduced to 3.8 per cent for loans up to $6 million, while removing the down payment, as well as the government providing the steel and cement for their foundation as part of his homeownership initiative.

(Photo: E-Networks/July 23, 2022)

Mr. Persaud also shared the company’s plans to engage the Central Housing & Planning Authority (CH&PA) to ensure that all the newly planned housing developments cater for access to its network infrastructure so that connectivity can be available to residents on the first day they move in and not after many years, as has been in the past.

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