Our Company

E-Networks Inc. is Guyana’s leading provider of digital cable television, internet, information technology and media services. We strive to provide our customers with choice, innovation and value as we deliver premium content and new ways to access and view content.

Our History


5G Launch

In September 2020, E-Networks became the first company in Guyana to bring a 5G network to market. This 5G network, which uses the latest generation of wireless connectivity globally, was designed to meet growing internet demands, and deliver faster speeds at lower pricing to the Guyanese people. The network offers both home and business internet services to Guyanese across the most densely populated parts of Guyana.

Landed Xlink Cable

E-Networks, in a partnership with a local consortium, landed an international subsea cable that links Barbados to Guyana. Called “Xlink,” this cable introduced a country-diverse path to Guyana, which significantly enhanced the country’s access to the global internet network, and enabled the company to introduce faster speeds at more affordable pricing to its customers.


DreamTV Satellite

E-Networks partnered with a leading satellite provider to offer DreamTV Satellite, creating countrywide coverage and allowing anyone in Guyana to access our service.


DreamTV Mobile Launched

E-Networks launched DreamTV Mobile, a mobile app available on Apple and Android devices, which allowed E-Networks subscribers to access the DreamTV service on their mobile devices, creating a multi-screen experience.


Fiber In The Sky

E-Networks signed on to be the first Internet Service Provider to deploy O3b Network’s ‘fiber in the sky’ in Region. Through this, E Networks acquired the unique ability of a truly redundant internet connection to its existing services.


OnFiber Launched

E-Networks Inc. launched its fiber-optic network, which supported a high-speed internet solution, OnFiber, that offered up to 10Mbps (10 times the speed of the competitor’s then comparative solution) and a High Definition television service, DreamTV Fiber.


WiMax Network Launched

E-Networks launched its WiMax network – a wireless digital communications system that allowed Guyanese to access affordable internet access.

At the launch, the company’s founder and Managing Director Vishok Persaud declared that it would change the future of communications in Guyana and the way Guyanese access the internet. The system was developed and deployed by Huawei and was among the first of its kind in the region.


Introduced DreamTV Wireless

E-Networks entered into a contract with Axcera Networks to provide a digital television system for Guyana.

This system made E-Networks the pioneer of cable TV in Guyana, with the introduction of DreamTV Wireless, and allowed E-Networks to become the only company in the Caribbean at the time with a true triple-play (voice, data, video) wireless solution.


Installed Wireless Networks

E-Networks installed a state-of-the-art wireless network platform capable of serving 5,000 users. It remains one of the most robust and secure wireless networks deployed during that time in Guyana.


The Beginning (2001 – 2003)

Our services started in 2001 with a company called Future Net Inc., which was the first company to deploy digital copper technology to the dial-up market.

This company was owned by Vishok Persaud and was sold in 2003. Upon the sale of Future Net ISP, E-Networks Inc. was established and started working with wireless technologies in Guyana.