FAQ - OnFiber

OnFiber is E-Networks internet service that uses fiber-optics to deliver internet speeds up to 1,000 Mbps.
We also provide IPTV service via fiber called DreamTV Fiber or a bundle package (including both internet
and TV) called OnFiber Home Bundle. For more information, click here:

You can check the Services section of our site to determine eligibility and sign up for the service. You can also send your WhatsApp location to +5926085551,+5926085552 or +5926245153 for more information.

The OnFiber modem has Wi-Fi access, which may be limited depending on your package speed. We stock and sell a variety of Wireless Routers and Extenders that will provide optimal coverage and experience. E-mail: sales@enetworks.gy for more information.

With the OnFiber Home Bundle package, you get one free TV service for one television. You can also purchase TV services for additional boxes for $2,900 (VAT inclusive) per month.

No, it will not. We provide the TV service through separate data streams to ensure your browsing is unaffected.

There is no data limit on our OnFiber services.

It depends on your package and WIFI set-up, but for our Gig service, you can have up to 100 users simultaneously connected on the Wi-Fi.

Yes, you can. On our OnFiber Home Internet service, we offer a static IP address at an additional cost to ensure your premises is safe and your network can be accessed when away.

OnFiber Business services include one free static IP address.

We do not provide battery backups with our service. However, currently you can obtain a 10% discount at Starr Computers being one of our customers and presenting your receipt.

Yes, we absolutely do! We provide 24/7 technical support via WhatsApp, Facebook and telephone.