Service Level Agreement – Mobile

Activation: Your service request will be activated by us, and this Agreement will take effect on the corresponding activation date.

Network Availability & Performance: ENet would strive to provide consistent, reliable, and uninterrupted service to all subscribers (prepaid or postpaid) and future expansion of coverage areas will reduce service constraints and enhance customer experience. Service disruptions, outages, or network performance issues would be addressed promptly, and customers will be informed of any anticipated service disruptions in advance. Compensation or alternative arrangements would be offered to customers in cases of prolonged service disruptions.

Quality of Service: The Provider commits to delivering clear, undistorted calls with minimal dropped call incidents. A call drop rate of up to 2% of all incoming calls is deemed acceptable. Similarly; ENet shall provide users with internet data speeds that correspond to the advertised speeds. The average data speeds should not fall below the minimum advertised speed by more than 10%.

Customer Support Response Time: ENet has established robust customer support channels, including telephone, email support and an online chat service, that is always available to meet your needs. Our staff are fully trained and knowledgeable to assist in the resolution of any customer inquiries, concerns, record updates or technical troubleshooting.
We will endeavour to reply to customers inquiries within 24hrs and resolve any complaints within a reasonable timeframe, as specified by applicable regulation.
You accept the responsibility to report to us any service failure or concerns and our team will take action internally and escalate in accordance with our policies.
You acknowledge and agree to not hold ENet responsible for any service failures that are not reported by you.
You can reach us through any of the following available mediums:
Contact Centre Support 592-231-3890 (24/7)
WhatsApp 624-5153 (24/7)

Service Outage Notifications: Customers will be promptly notified of any planned maintenance or network downtime that may influence service availability.

Data Security and Privacy: ENet prioritizes the privacy and data protection of all our customers, including prepaid and postpaid customers. Our Privacy Policies cover the information we gather, how it may be used, stored and shared, and the choices you have regarding the use of your personal information, in compliance with relevant data protection laws.

Billing and Payment Accuracy: Our Service plans include voice, text, and data allowances and are defined by the selected plan at the time of your activation. The plans applicable, are as advertised on our website and may be subjected to future changes as
deemed necessary by ENet.

Our Prepaid plans are billed differently from our Post-paid plans. You can review the specific features of the plans, on our website

  • ENet commits to accurate billing and transparent invoicing practices. Users will receive detailed billing statements outlining charges for mobile services rendered. Any discrepancies or billing errors will be promptly rectified upon notification by the user.
  • You agree to pay and be billed in full for the service plan of your choice
  • Monthly fees and additional charges for usage outside of the plan will be billed to your chosen payment method.
  • You must pay all charges indicated in these Terms, including charges incurred by anybody who acquires access to your Services, even if you did not authorize the charges.
  • Changes to service plans or upgrades may incur additional charges, specific to the plan of choice.
  • In the event of non-payment, we reserve the right to suspend or terminate the Services.

Late payment & reconnection

  • Failure to pay bills in full by the due date will result in automatic disconnection of our services in accordance with the terms and conditions.
  • Services will be restored upon full clearance of the outstanding payment.
  • Acceptance of late or partial payments does not waive our right to demand full payment by a specific date.
  • The subscriber acknowledges and agrees to bear any charges associated with the return of checks or instruments, including credit card charge-backs, used for payment.


In the event of non-payment or long overdue payments, you acknowledge that you may be subjected to credit collections by either us or a third-party collections agency. You agree to reimburse us for any reasonable costs and fees, including but not limited to attorneys’ fees, incurred during the collection process, to the extent permitted by law. It is important to note that, in accordance with applicable law, we are not responsible or liable for any negative consequences resulting from reporting your ENet’s’ account, payment information, or history to third-party credit reporting or collections agencies.


When issuing refunds, all relevant taxes, fees, and surcharges paid on the original amounts will be included in the total refund, regardless of the form of reimbursement agreed by the parties.

Dispute Resolution:

  • In the event that the Customer has any enquiries, requires any assistance, complaints and/or disputes please refer to our Support team at any of the channels listed and it will be escalated internally to the appropriate personnel accordingly:
  • Call Centre: 231-3890
  • Social Media Channels:
  • Whatsapp: 624-5153
  • When lodging an issue /complaint, it must at minimum contain the following supporting information:
  1. Account Number
  2. Registered Email
  3. Registered Mobile
  4. Case Category:  e.g. Technical Support/ Customer experience
  5. Case Type: category of service e.g. mobile service
  6. Subject – brief description of the issue
  7. Description – a clear narrative of the issue/ complaint at hand
  • Customers should provide all relevant documentation related to the dispute, including but not limited to bills, account statements, screenshots, and correspondence with customer service representatives.
  • Enet’s representative will reach out to the customer and where appropriate the customer may be asked to provide additional information/documentation of the matter
  • A ticket reference number will be provided to customers where applicable for follow-up purposes and the customer will be advised accordingly. This will be closed upon resolution of the issue and the customer will be notified via their preferred communication channel (via phone call, email, WhatsApp etc.)
  • Failure to notify E-Networks Inc of a dispute within the allotted time frame specified by the relevant authorities means you have waived your right to challenge the issue and participate in any legal action emerging from such dispute. This limitation period may not apply where, by law, such contractual notice provisions are prohibited.
  • The Provider acknowledges and agrees to first attempt to settle any dispute or complaints amicably by mutual discussions internally. ENet shall attempt to resolve the issue:
    1. in accordance with our internal dispute resolutions procedures and you hereby agree to fully participate in that process
    2. shall be resolved to the fullest extent permitted by law by the relevant authorities.
    3. Complaints should be resolved within the timeframe specified by the applicable regulations, unless there are extenuating circumstances that necessitate more time.

Termination: This agreement may be terminated by either party or both parties at any instant provided that the terminating party notifies the other party in advance using any means of communication deemed appropriate. Alternatively, the Customer can physically visit any of our authorized store locations for immediate termination.

Termination by ENet

E-Networks Inc reserves the right to modify, suspend or terminate any function or feature of service, adjust prices or charges or terminate the service entirely as deemed necessary with or without prior notice to you due to various reasons including:

  • We may terminate or suspend Your access immediately, without prior notice or liability, for any reason whatsoever, including without limitation if You breach these Terms and Conditions. Upon termination, your right to use the Service will cease immediately. However, you will be notified of any outstanding balance and settlement arrangements made accordingly after which your prepaid /postpaid account will be closed
  • Non-operation of ENet accounts for such a period as may be decided by E-Networks Inc as per its internal policy. If the balance on the account is zero then your account will be closed, after reasonable attempts were made to notify you.
  • Death and incapacity and incompetence of the Customer. In which case the legal beneficiary, next of kin, administrator or estate representative (as the case may be) will be entitled to pay/claim the funds on prepaid or postpaid account, as provided for by the laws and regulations of the Cooperative Republic of Guyana
  • Providing false or incorrect information.
  • Suspicious activities while using the ENet services.
  • Due to any other legal or regulatory requirements.
  • Failure to provide sufficient information during the onboarding process or any additional documentary evidence in the future.
  • Misbehaviour, including abusive behaviour toward employees, fraudulent or unlawful use of services, negatively affecting networks or others, unauthorized reselling, non-payment or credit risk, fraudulent acquisition or improper use of services, trespassing, and commercial gain from SIM card use.
  • Where we have not given prior notice, we will as soon as is practicable give notice to you of such termination/cancellation by such notification methods as we may choose, including through our Website or by giving notification via SMS or publication through any media. Such termination will be effective on and from the date specified in the notice.

Suspension of Services

Postpaid customers are entitled to suspend either their entire account or the services of specific users on their account for a maximum period of two months within any calendar year.

  • Upon requesting a suspension, customers must provide a reason for the suspension.
  • The suspension will result in the restriction of all services, including incoming and outgoing communications, for the affected subscribers.
  • Customers may request suspensions at any time within a month. However, for accounts not suspended by the 1st of the new month, the entire monthly subscription fee will be charged.
  • Upon reactivation of an account suspended at the beginning of the new month, the subscriber’s monthly charges and bundles will be prorated accordingly.

Termination by Customer

Customers can cancel or discontinue ENet’s Services by contacting our customer service at any time, by rendering a written notice or in person at any of our branches to facilitate the closure or cancellation of your account. Cancelling a service may result in the loss of discounts achieved through service bundling and may have an impact on the functionality of remaining services.