E-Networks and local banks partner to offer free internet and TV services with new mortgages

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E-Networks and local banks partner to offer free internet and TV services with new mortgages

… Launching promotion at Building Expo 2022

E-Networks Inc. – Guyana’s fastest internet provider – announced that it has partnered with all the major local financial institutions to pair its internet and TV services with new mortgages. The companies will launch this promotion at the International Building Expo 2022 this weekend.

This offer waives installation and monthly subscription fees for three months of E-Networks bundled services (internet and TV) once within the coverage area. This promotion is available to all persons approved for new mortgages at Bank of Baroda, Citizens Bank, Demerara Bank, GBTI, New Building Society, Republic Bank, and Scotiabank.

With this promotion, new homeowners can access both internet and TV services in one bundled deal, providing them with entertainment and connectivity at an affordable price. Qualified persons need only present proof of their approved mortgage to access this promotion, which will be installed at their new home. 

E-Networks Chief Commercial Officer, Abu Zaman

E-Networks’ two bundles are the 4G Bundle, which provides 20 Mbps internet and DreamTV Wireless for $12,900 monthly and the OnFiber Home Bundle, which delivers 250 Mbps internet and DreamTV Fiber for $13,100 monthly. Both bundles also include free access to the DreamTV Mobile app, which allows you to view 100+ channels on your mobile device.

These internet speeds are optimal for powering many smart home features such as security cameras, lighting, cooling, and entertainment, while enabling simultaneous browsing, streaming, downloading, and video chatting. E-Networks’ DreamTV services also include dozens of channels across many different genres of entertainment, such as news, cartoons, sports, movies, and TV series.

Chief Commercial Officer Abu Zaman said, “In the 21st century, internet connectivity has increasingly become vital to power all your smart devices and appliances. With this offer, E-Networks is ensuring you get the best value for the best services available in the market. We are also considering the cost crunch of moving into a new home and removing that worry about fees for internet or TV subscription during those first three months.”

4G and OnFiber services are available in Georgetown, Linden, Essequibo Coast, and most areas along the East Coast, East Bank of Demerara and Berbice. To confirm coverage in your area, persons are encouraged to visit any of E-Networks’ four booths at the Building Expo or send your location pin to WhatsApp 624-5153.

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