E-Networks invests $1.2 billion in first-ever Essequibo submarine fiber and 5G network expansion

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E-Networks invests $1.2 billion in first-ever Essequibo submarine fiber and 5G network expansion

– answers President Ali’s call for better connectivity in Essequibo

E-Networks Inc. – Guyana’s only locally owned and operated telecommunications provider – today announced that it has landed the first-ever submarine fiber optic cable to the Essequibo Islands and Essequibo Coast.

This massive network investment introduces substantially more reliable and faster internet services to the Cinderella County, which has suffered from limited and subpar connectivity for decades.

With this cable, E-Networks can now offer Essequibians the same services at the same prices as those available in Georgetown, with up to gigabit (1,000 Mbps) internet speeds on its business fiber and up to 75 Mbps on its 4G/5G fixed wireless service.

The company has already started testing these services in several areas along the coast, with ongoing expansions to most areas between Aurora and Charity. E-Networks will also be opening a branch office in Anna Regina in early August to serve the residents of the Essequibo Coast; customers can also immediately sign-up for services using the company’s website and social media channels.

Submarine cable installation across the Essequibo River

E-Networks attributes its motivation to swiftly conclude this investment as a direct response to HE President Irfaan Ali’s challenge to the sector earlier this year to improve connectivity to Essequibo. As the only Guyanese telecoms provider, the company is immensely proud to have answered that call and expand its services to Essequibo.

With these new services, E-Networks looks forward to connecting more persons to the transformational power of the Internet, which has been highlighted during COVID-19 as the crucial link to education, work, and keeping informed. E-Networks’ faster and more reliable connectivity will enable Essequibo residents to access more online options for socioeconomic development, remote learning, entertainment, e-commerce, collaboration, and connecting with family and friends.

In the business community, E-Networks also looks forward to supporting the region’s financial, insurance, and entrepreneurial industries by providing access to advanced services to the cloud and other platforms to enhance productivity and efficiency.

Since the telecommunications sector’s liberalisation last October, E-Networks has stimulated considerable competition, forcing the complacent incumbent providers to upgrade their services reactively. E-Networks offers businesses the fastest internet access available in Guyana, and at lower pricing. The company’s network is also widened to cover more of the country’s densely populated areas, with continuous expansion to new areas almost weekly.

E-Networks wishes to commend HE President Ali, Prime Minister Phillips, Vice President Jagdeo, and the Government of Guyana for fast-tracking liberalisation, which was long overdue. The commencement of the new order has resulted in tangible benefits to the Guyanese people, for whom connectivity is now a necessity in the current and post-COVID-19 world.

E-Networks remains committed to playing its part as the only 100% Guyanese telecommunications provider to continually improve its network to bring better services to more people.

To sign-up or for more information, please visit: https://www.enetworks.gy/request-a-quote/  or WhatsApp your location to +592-624-5153. (E-Networks press release)

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