E-Networks now ENet

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E-Networks now ENet

–reveals new branding as “Your Everything Network”

E-Networks today announced that it has rebranded to ENet as it prepares to make major moves in the telecoms space.

ENet stated that the rebranding was an important step in its business strategy as a company committed to constant improvement and its fearlessness in terms of innovation.

Now branded as “Your Everything Network,” ENet’s new branding is in keeping with the company’s emerging reputation as Guyana’s premier full-service telecoms provider, following the announcement of the country’s first 5G Mobile network.

ENet also noted that many of its customers already refer to them by this new name.

ENet is Guyana’s only 100% Guyanese telecoms provider and has been responsible for changing the landscape of telecommunications in the country. Since its formation, and particularly since liberalisation, the company has consistently raised the bar by introducing innovative, world-class services at affordable prices, and bringing Guyana’s telecoms sector up to par after being neglected for the past 30 years.

The company also stated that the new, improved look is a precursor to the announcement of new services in the coming weeks.

The company also reassured its customers that it remains committed to its core values of integrity, performance, and excellence, and that it is proud to be a Guyanese company that continually impacts the market, using Guyanese skills.

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