E-Networks now operates Guyana’s largest fiber-optic backbone

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E-Networks now operates Guyana’s largest fiber-optic backbone


–Kuru Kururu latest to benefit from 4G rollout

Since Guyana’s telecommunications sector’s liberalisation in October 2020, E-Networks Inc. – the only locally owned telecommunications service provider – has massively expanded its network to bring better services to more people.

Within 18 months, the provider has extended its fiber optic backbone to Berbice, Linden, and Essequibo, with the first-ever submarine fiber optic cable to Essequibo, creating the largest fiber-optic backbone in the country.

E-Networks now connects more regions in Guyana via fiber than any other telecom provider.

The company has launched its 4G internet services in Kuru Kururu on the Linden/Soesdyke Highway. This move is an extension of the company’s expansion to Linden, which saw a build-out of a fiber optic cable from Georgetown to the Mining Town in December 2021.

Residents of Kuru Kururu can now access the same fast, reliable, and affordable 4G Internet service available in Georgetown and other areas countrywide, delivering 20 Mbps of speed for $7,900 monthly.

E-Networks’ Chief Executive Officer, Vishok Persaud noted that, with the country’s largest fiber optic backbone, E-Networks has delivered a significant boost in fiber optic, 4G and 5G connectivity to six towns and many rural areas.

An E-Networks team member engages the Kuru Kururu community

The company has also rolled out substantially more reliable and improved internet services to places that exclusively relied on dated technologies, providing faster speeds than previously available – all at lower pricing.

He emphasised that all services countrywide are comparable, stating, “Whether you’re in Georgetown, Kuru Kururu, Essequibo, Berbice or Linden, all our services are the same quality. We make sure all Guyanese have access to first-world technology regardless of where they are.”

Vice-Chairman of the Lamaha/Yarrowkabra NDC, Michelle Drepaul-Harrinaraine, applauded the management of E-Networks for offering the service to the community.

“It is a necessity for residents, especially our students, as a number of them attend various universities through online classes, so it is beneficial to them and by extension, the community,” Drepaul-Harrinaraine reasoned.

She added that prior to E-Networks, the poor internet caused immense inconvenience to students resulting in missed classes. She said the community now looks forward to exceptional connectivity from E-Networks.

Kuru Kururu businessman Hubert Smith recognised the importance of connectivity for his business.

“In this 21st century, connectivity is key in pushing our business forward and on that front, we are grateful to E-Networks.”

An E-Networks team member engages the Kuru Kururu community

With internet access becoming the crucial link to education, work, entertainment, and connecting with family and friends, especially during the pandemic, E-Networks, as the only 100% Guyanese company in the sector, has improved access, affordability, and quality of services to Guyanese across a wider geographical area.

These new areas include rural communities and not just towns or commercial hubs. For far too long, many parts of Guyana’s coast, especially in the rural areas and Essequibo, have been neglected by the other providers.

And as such, E-Networks is also keen on ensuring that all areas can access the same services at the same price point as available in Georgetown – bridging the digital divide between urban and rural areas.

In 2021, E-Networks also focused on enhancing connectivity available to businesses and unveiled Guyana’s fastest internet package: 1,000 Gbps, which rivals offerings available internationally and in the region.

This connectivity enables Guyanese businesses to leverage cutting-edge technologies, such as the cloud and other platforms, to enhance productivity and efficiency, especially in the banking, financial, insurance and entrepreneurial industries.

Because of E-Networks’ aggressive expansion during 2021, the telecommunications sector was able to derive tangible benefits from liberalisation – namely better services and lower pricing.

Prior to the company’s access to its own independent, international cable, Guyana’s telecommunications sector was plagued by oppressive pricing for substandard services.

Post-liberalisation, Guyanese have benefited from E-Networks increasing internet speeds on the fastest package available in the market from 50 Mbps to 1,000 Mbps – a 1,900% increase – as well as reduced pricing.

Vishok Persaud also commented on the company’s plans for 2022, which focus on stimulating positive changes in the market through competition – all for the ultimate benefit of the Guyanese consumer.

These include improving service availability to more Guyanese. E-Networks also intends to continue its track record of being a company of “firsts” –the first to launch IPTV services, a fiber-to-the-home network, a Direct-to-Home satellite TV service, an indigenous subsea cable, and a 5G network – by introducing more progressive and innovative technologies and service models to the market.

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