E-Networks to launch Guyana’s first 5G VoLTE Mobile Cellular Network

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E-Networks to launch Guyana’s first 5G VoLTE Mobile Cellular Network

-US$35 million invested in new expansion

E-Networks has once again raised the bar for unsurpassed service, speed, and technology by building Guyana’s first 5G VoLTE (“Voice over LTE”) cellular network, firmly establishing itself as the leader in Guyana’s telecommunications industry. With an investment of US $35 million, the new network built by US-headquartered company, Mavenir, will deliver VoLTE, the latest innovation in mobile telecommunications. VoLTE allows users to make high-definition, secure voice calls. E-Networks will shortly be releasing competitively priced packages, with increased data allocations and modern account management features. Network commercial launch is planned for later this year.

The deployment of E-Networks 5G VoLTE network is a major milestone for Guyana, made possible by the recent liberalisation of the telecommunications industry, which brought a 30-year monopoly to an end. E-Networks is poised to deliver a world class product on 4G and 5G enabled phones, including local and international voice calls, SMS, 4G and 5G data, and international roaming services. Mobile service will be available across a large coverage area built on E-Networks’ fiber backbone – the largest fiber backbone in Guyana.

To achieve its ambitious network vision, E-Networks partnered with Mavenir, the world’s only end-to-end cloud-native network software provider, to offer a Cloud-Native IMS and Business Support Systems (BSS) platform.  “Mavenir’s microservices-based approach enables E-Networks to quickly and easily design, create, and deliver modern digital experiences at scale,” said Antonio Correa, Senior Regional VP at Mavenir. “No traditional voice or billing solution provides such comprehensive and ready-to-deploy services. Through this partnership with Mavenir, E-Networks has built an unrivalled network in Guyana.”

From L-R: Vishok Persaud, CEO of E-Networks and Antonio Correa, Senior Regional VP at Mavenir

“We set out to build a well-tested, modern network that takes cellular services in Guyana to a new level – and we are happy to have accomplished this,” Vishok Persaud, CEO of E-Networks, told the press. “This network builds on our successes in the fixed wireless and fiber optic markets, such as our best-in-class services, which are currently the fastest internet services available in Guyana.”

With this new network, Guyana is now on par with first-world countries in terms of mobile services, and Guyanese from all walks of life can access affordable, high-quality mobile services. Persons will have access to faster speeds, allowing them to use modern apps and services that require high bandwidths for a quality user experience.

E-Networks is actively recruiting new employees, agents, and top-up vendors for its mobile services. In addition, the company will soon publish special offers for new customers on new VoLTE compatible phones.

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