E-Networks no longer separates home and business internet services

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E-Networks no longer separates home and business internet services

— Customers can now choose any internet service that meets their needs

E-Networks Inc. – Guyana’s fastest internet provider – has announced that its customers now have complete freedom to choose any of the company’s internet services based on their needs, budget, and coverage area. This is because E-Networks will no longer separate its services into business or home types.

Nadia Bulkan, the Chief Operating Officer (COO) of E-Networks

Nadia Bulkan, the Chief Operating Officer (COO) of E-Networks, indicated that the company’s decision was influenced by its many customer interactions since telecommunications liberalisation in October 2020. “E-Networks has been committed to bringing connectivity to areas that have been neglected or underserved,” she said.

“We have expanded into new areas countrywide and engaged with our customers, who come from all walks of life. And we’ve discovered that our customers’ needs do not always fit the traditional definition of only businesses being heavy bandwidth users and only individuals needing affordable services. It became clear that we needed to remove this distinction so that our customers have the freedom and flexibility to choose the service that best fits their needs.”

E-Networks Data Center

According to the company, homes can have intensive bandwidth needs due to multiple users, streaming, and powering smart home devices that require the fastest internet services. On the other hand, businesses, particularly small businesses, may need less bandwidth that does not justify paying more for “business” services, which are usually more expensive than “residential” services.

As a result, E-Networks has decided to eliminate the outdated model of separating services by whether they are for businesses or homes. This means that a home can sign up for its fastest internet service, 1,000 Mbps, or a business can subscribe to the most economical internet package, 20 Mbps, for $7,900 monthly (VAT exclusive).

The company also stated that it would ensure tax compliance by charging VAT on all data services used by businesses. VAT does not apply to residential internet or personal data. E-Networks has also observed that both homes and businesses have a similar demand for TV services to keep informed and entertained. Consequently, the company has decided to increase the value of its internet services by automatically bundling them with a free mobile TV service for the same monthly fee.

This move is consistent with the company’s overall goal of giving its customers simple and convenient options, such as online sign-up, digital payments, 24x7x365 contact channels including WhatsApp, and expanding its services at the same pricing to more areas in Guyana.

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